Capitol Securities COVID-19 Response

Capitol Securities COVID-19 Response

Our number one priority is the safety and health of our clients and our associates. Capitol Securities has taken steps to ensure that we can continue supporting our clients and protect our communities to the best of our ability.

Contingency Planning
We have enacted some of our strategic planning to ensure business continuity. Core personnel have access to our offices.

Social Distancing
To best protect our clients and employees, most of our workforce is working from home, using our technology as well as that of our clearing partner Raymond James. The following measures are also in place:

• Clients can reach their advisors/consultants using the same phone numbers they use when calling their advisors/consultants at their offices.

• Our emergency number is 804-592-4380. Please identify to our staff who your advisor/consultant is.

• Capitol Securities has video conferencing capabilities to allow advisors/consultants to connect with clients face-to-face. If there are any difficulties, our advisors/consultants and our IT group are ready to provide assistance.

Limiting In-Person Meetings and Canceling Travel
All business travel will be limited. Additionally, client meetings in our offices are only allowed on an emergency basis.

On behalf of Capitol Securities, we want to thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time. Most importantly, we want to wish you, and your families and friends good health as we progress through this.