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Client Account Fees and Charges

At Capitol Securities Management, part of our commitment to providing the professional guidance you need to meet your financial objectives is making it easy for you to understand what you may be charged for our services.

Certain fees may not apply or may be discounted based on the type of account you have and/or the amount of assets you hold in your Capitol Securities accounts. Other fees are only charged when the associated services are requested or when special processing is required. As a result, many fees listed below may not apply to your account.

If you have questions about fees, please contact your financial advisor.

Account fees

Annual maintenance fee: Up to $75

  • Waived for clients with eligible assets totaling $250,000 or greater. This fee is not applicable to the following types of accounts:
    • Raymond James & Associates IRAs and qualified plan accounts
    • Capital Access cash management accounts
    • Raymond James Trust accounts
    • 529 plan accounts
    • Guardianship and conservatorship accounts
    • Accounts open less than 12 months

Retirement Account Fees:

  • Traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE IRA fee: Up to $75
  • Profit sharing, money purchase or 401(k) fee:
    • Employee account: $30
    • Employer account: $75

Waived for clients with eligible assets totaling $500,000 or greater. These fees apply to the above-listed retirement account types only.

Guardianship/Conservatorship account fees (For accounts owned by a ward of the court, when a guardian or conservator has been assigned to handle the ward’s estate.)

  • Restricted annual fee: $150
  • Non-restricted one-time set-up fee: $75

Annual pledged account fees (For accounts where assets held in the account are pledged as collateral.)

  • For accounts with market value of $25,000 or above: $75
  • For accounts with market value less than $25,000: $150
  • The account fee credit when you choose 100% e-delivery for your Raymond James documents will be increasing to $25 from $15 per eligible account. Other previous eligibility requirements (minimum assets in account and minimum annual deposits) for the account fee credit will be removed.

Processing fees

  • 990-T Tax Filing & processing fee: $200
  • Handling/processing fee: $7.95 (Charged on most transactions as indicated on the confirmation you receive. Certain transactions and account types, such as managed accounts, may be exempt from this )
  • Mutual Fund Transaction Fee in Commission Brokerage Accounts. Transactions with respect to mutual funds of those mutual fund families that do not pay Raymond James networking and service fees have a transaction fee charged directly to investors, separate from, and in addition to, any commission and processing & handling fees. For funds in this group that are not subject to a mutual fund sales charge (“no-load”), this fee is $40, and for funds in this
  • group that are subject to a mutual fund sales charge (“load”), this fee is $15. This fee is charged directly to investors on both purchases and liquidations but is not charged in connection with periodic investment plans, systematic withdrawal plans, or exchanges within the same mutual fund family. This fee does not apply to ERISA plan assets.
  • Returned deposit items (Check and ACH): $20 (Assessed when a third-party check is deposited into a Capitol Securities account and is returned for insufficient funds by the institution from which it was drawn. Eagle- and Investment Advisory Services-managed fee-based accounts are exempt from this )
  • Extensions for payment or securities received after settlement date (Assessed when filing requires regulatory notification of extension beyond settlement )
    • First Extension: $20
    • Second Extension: $40
  • Mailgram: $10 (Charged for client notification of past due funds and )
  • Foreign security processing: $150 (Costs associated with the deposit of foreign physical securities vary depending on the foreign depository that holds your security. Additional out-of-pocket expenses, such as depository fees, taxes and mailing costs, may also be )
  • Re-registration or share breakdown of physical client name certificates: Amount varies (Fee is determined by the broker/dealer’s transfer agent. Applies to certificates submitted for service transfers, such as change of registration or certificate breakdown.)
  • Physical certificate deposit rejects: Amount varies (Assessed when a certificate presented to CSM or Raymond James & Associates for processing is discovered to have been stopped by the shareholder or canceled through participation in a corporate action. The fee amount is determined by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation.)
  • Retirement account manual investment fees: $150 (Assessed on transactions that exceed normal brokerage activity or require manual )
  • Transfer fees (Charged in addition to the account transfer )
  • Closing fee related to the external transfer of an account from Capitol Securities: $125
  • Transfer of a foreign security: $50
  • Closing fee related to the termination of a retirement account through a distribution: $100
  • Regulatory transaction fee: This regulatory transaction (RT) fee is collected to recoup transaction fees paid by Capitol Securities to an exchange or self-regulatory organization in connection with the sale of certain securities, such as equities, options and other covered securities. The amount of the RT fee varies and is determined periodically by the exchange or self-regulatory organization that assessed the transaction fee in accordance with Section 31 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Service fees

  • Certified or Cashier’s Check: $25.
  • Waived for clients with eligible assets totaling $500,000 or greater.
  • Outgoing Wiring Funds (The first four wire fees per calendar year are waived for eligible clients.)
  • Domestic: $25
  • Foreign: $40 (Clients can cancel a foreign wire request within 30 minutes of providing instructions, and can dispute errors within 180 days of the wire, by contacting their financial advisor or Raymond James Client Services at 800-647-7378 or clientservices@raymondjames.com. The recipient of a foreign wire may receive a lower amount than sent due to fees charged by the recipient’s bank and foreign taxes. For questions or complaints about an international wire through Raymond James, contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau toll-free at 855-411-2372 or online at consumerfinance.gov, or the Florida Office of Financial Regulation at 850-487-9687 or online at flofr.com.)
  • Early Payout of Money: $25 plus interest (Interest is calculated using the Raymond James & Associates base rate plus 2.75% and is assessed for the number of days payout is received prior to settlement date. Only three early payouts are permitted during a 12-month )
  • Check Disbursement
    • Standard: No charge
    • Overnight: $20
    • Saturday: $30
  • International Foreign Exchange Conversion (Standard settlement is T+2 (the transaction date plus two business days) on most currencies. The costs for this service are built into the foreign exchange rate. Please note that currency conversions must be for amounts of $5,000 or )
  • Short Sales (Contact your financial advisor for fees that may be associated with borrowing )

Capital Access account fees

Annual fees

The annual Capital Access fee is waived for clients with eligible assets totaling $500,000 or greater, clients who make average monthly direct deposits of $1,000 or clients who have other Capital Access-eligible fee based accounts. The annual fee is assessed one year after the account is established and every anniversary thereafter.

You can receive a $25 account fee credit when you choose online document delivery and meet eligibility requirements.

  • Capital Access: $150

Service fees

  • Insufficient Funds: $35

ATM surcharge fees

  • Clients are reimbursed up to $200 in ATM surcharge fees per year. Clients with eligible assets totaling $500,000 or greater are reimbursed an unlimited amount in surcharge fees per year. Standard ATM fees will apply after reaching maximum reimbursement amount for the year.

Raymond James Bank fees

  • Raymond James Bank with check writing: No service charge


  • Minimum Daily Balance to Avoid Service Charge: $1,000
  • Average Daily Balance to Avoid Service Charge: $1,500
  • Minimum Combined Balance in Any Raymond James Bank Deposit
  • Account to Avoid Service Charge: $5,000
  • Monthly Service Charge if Balance Not Maintained: $10
  • Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Usage After Monthly Allocated Free Usage: $1.25
  • Bank Checks for Bank Clients: $10
  • Bank Checks for Nonbank Clients: $15
  • Deposit Items Returned Unpaid: $10
  • Direct Deposit: No charge
  • Non-sufficient Funds Item: $30
  • Overdraft Protection Transfer: $5
  • Process Transfer to Beneficiary(ies) Upon Death: Up to $200
  • Teledirect® Telephone Banking: No charge
  • Stop Payment: $30
  • Uncollected Funds: $30

Domestic wire transfer

  • Incoming: $10
  • Outgoing: $20


  • The following services are available to clients of Capitol Securities financial advisors for no additional charge.
    • Online account access through Client Access (raymondjames.com/clientaccess)
      • Secure, paperless account documents
      • Downloads to Quicken® and CSV (comma-delimited) files
      • Award-winning investment research and commentary
    • Cost basis information (helpful at tax time)
    • TurboTax® data imports
    • Your choice of account statements
    • Your choice of cash sweep programs
    • Account linking (for mailing purposes and fee discounts)
    • ACH funds transfers
    • Direct deposit
    • Automated required minimum distributions
    • Transfer to beneficiary services
    • Dividend reinvestment