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Will Tension Continue to Rise Between the East and the West, Tensions That Will Increase the Scope and Degree of Economic Sanctions Against Russia?
Will tension continue to rise between the East and the West, tensions that will increase the scope and degree of economic sanctions against Russia?  If sanctions are increased, what impact will these sanctions have upon global growth?
Comments From the Polish Government Stating Russia is on the Verge of Invading Ukraine Spooked Stocks.
Comments from the Polish government stating Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine spooked stocks.  Putin is showing no sign of backing down since last week’s tightened sanctions as Russia is massing even more troops on its neighbor’s border.
Perhaps “the Dog Days of Summer” is an Accurate Description of Yesterday’s Trading Until a Late Afternoon Geopolitical Inspired Rally That Pushed Equities Higher.
Perhaps “the dog days of summer” is an accurate description of yesterday’s trading until a late afternoon geopolitical inspired rally that pushed equities higher.  All markets were quiet, volume subdued, an environment perhaps amplified by the lack of any significant headlines until the 3:00 P.M headlines.
Last Monday I Wrote the Upcoming Week Could be a Volatile Given the Extremely Busy Economic and Earnings Calendar.
Last Monday I wrote the upcoming week could be a volatile given the extremely busy economic and earnings calendar.  Unfortunately I was correct as all indices declined about 2.0%.