Meet Our People

Jim Cumnock

What attracted you to Capitol Securities Management?

My tenure in the financial services industry goes back to PaineWebber, Inc., where I started in 1986. I was there for several years before moving from Roanoke to Alexandria, Virginia where I joined A. G. Edwards. When Edwards was sold to Wachovia in 2007, I moved to Janney Montgomery Scott, a regional firm that is well known in Pennsylvania. Over time, the model changed, and I looked for a firm more closely aligned with my values. Capitol Securities Management is a great fit for me.

How did your clients react to the news that you were switching firms

Most of them just said: “Send us the paperwork.” I’ve worked with the majority of my clients for years, and they understand that business models can change over time; they also know that in our relationship, I put their interests first. I think, too, that some people found it reassuring to learn that Capitol Securities is headquartered in Richmond, VA.

What do you like best about the Capitol Securities culture?

The firm’s focus on the interests and needs of the clients, rather than a corporate agenda.

What advice would you give a financial advisor considering a career with Capitol Securities?

If you have a clear direction for your business, and a strong moral compass to uphold that vision, this is a great firm for you. Capitol Securities doesn’t have a prescribed mold into which everyone must fit; rather, advisors are free to do what’s best for their clients.

What are you reading right now?

I have a strong interest in books on the Civil War because it is such an important and defining time in our nation’s history. But, recently, I read American Sniper, Chris Kyle’s autobiography.

The Capitol Securities motto is: “A Balanced Approach to Investing; A Balanced Approach to Life.” How do you balance your life?

Truth be told, I didn’t know balance for several years before coming to Capitol Securities. I believed my world would turn on end if I took a week’s vacation! But, I’m a sentimentalist and I like to celebrate big occasions. My wife and I went on an extended cruise for our 30th wedding anniversary. And, next year, for her milestone birthday, I’m planning to take a couple of weeks off for another trip we’ll never forget. It’s great working at a firm that allows that kind of flexibility.

How are you planning for your own retirement?

I love my work, so I don’t think I’ll know how to retire. That said, my wife and I have found a small town in South Carolina that really appeals to us; we’ve even found a church there. Capitol Securities allows for flexibility in work location, so I intend to keep on working – perhaps we can call it ‘semi-retirement’!