Meet Our People

Thomas Kepley

kepley-bioWhat attracted you to Capitol Securities Management?

I grew up in the financial services industry; my father worked in securities for a regional brokerage firm and, later, started his own broker-dealer.  I was always fascinated by how world events affected the markets, and after college, I made my own way in the industry, working for Irving Trust, Chemical Bank, and then Wachovia.

Eventually, in 1996, I joined my father’s firm.  In June of 1998, we lost my father to a brain tumor.  I spent the next several years considering whether to sell his broker-dealer to a large firm, a wire house or a small firm, trying to find the group that would be the best fit for me and my clients.  When I found Capitol Securities Management, I knew I’d found my professional home.

What do you like best about the Capitol Securities culture?

People do business with people—they don’t do business with firms—and Capitol Securities understands this.   Many of my clients come to me via my involvement in the community:  I’m a Scoutmaster with a local Boy Scout Troop and an active member of both the National Wild Turkey Federation and The Quality of Deer Management Association, non-profit wildlife conservation groups. Capitol Securities shares the same values, opinions, goals, likes and dislikes with my community.  To me, that’s critical.

The Capitol Securities mission is simple: to support advisors with the freedom and flexibility to serve each client’s very best interests. Tell us how this applies to you.

I’m a family man. God, wife and children come far ahead of how much money I make.  I get to develop my business according to my own goals.  I don’t have to make a hundred cold calls, knowing I will be rejected by ninety-nine of those individuals. Instead, I get to work a business plan centered on my values and my community involvement.

Furthermore, I have a real passion for corporate retirement planning.  I love working with employers and talking to their employees to ensure that they’re saving the way they should be and that they are set up for success in retirement. I went to the Senior Management team and said:  “Here’s what I want to do and here’s how I want to do it.” Their response was overwhelmingly positive.  They said: “We’ll support you and help you do that.”

What are you reading right now?

I subscribe to a service called Audible and listen to audio books in the car on a variety of topics from business to relationship management to scouting.  Right now, I’m listening to a book written by a former Scoutmaster, Clarke Green.

Where would you like to travel next?

Well, I just took my youngest son on a father/son outing—a fishing trip to Jupiter, Florida.  It was a great weekend, and he’s already saving up money so we can go again next year.  I have a 13-year-old boy and eleven year-old twins, a boy and a girl.  We love taking family trips to a local beach (DeBordieu)  and doing things that our children enjoy. As the two boys grow in Scouting, they have expressed an interest in attending one of the BSA High Adventure Camps, so I’m pretty sure one of our next big trips will be to a major Boy Scout camp. Our daughter is a gymnast, so we also travel to several locations each year for her gymnastic meets.