Most political scientists will agree the electorate undergoes a tectonic change every 35-40 years.  Perhaps a synonym for tectonic is generational.  Regardless as to whom wins the world is not coming to an end and all will learn how to navigate the Administration.

As stated several times I am not voting for Donald Trump but rather voting against Hillary Clinton for I believe she is representative of government going rogue, of becoming too powerful and too intrusive, where the rule of law does not apply.

I also believe some companies have become too powerful and have become too invested in the regulatory apparatus to foster their agenda.  In other words big government and big business become one of the same.

A controlling government is desirous of mega sized firms for such firms are easier to exert influence upon.  Herding cats—or the smaller companies—is too difficult for a government that believes it is omnipotent and omniscient over its electorate or to be sensationalist, subjects.

Is the above sensationalist comments?  No they are similar to ones echoed by Teddy Roosevelt 115 years ago as he was championing the belief of American Exceptionalism as too the importance of the individual and small business in creating a prosperous society.

For those who don’t recall the high school civics class Teddy Roosevelt was known as the “Trust Buster President,” deriding the all too powerful alliance between government and big business.

What will be the turnout?  The greatest turnout since 1960’s 62.7% turnout was 2008 as 58.23% of voting aged people (VAP) voted.   2012  54.87% of VAP casted a voted.

In 1996, only 49.0% VAP  voted.

When Teddy Roosevelt was reelected in 1904 65.2% of VAP voted.

Equites surged yesterday ending their longest consecutive days decline since 1980…nine.  The reason for the advance; the FBI director absolving Clinton from any wrong doing.  As widely known Clinton is viewed as more market friendly because she is the status quo.

The advance was narrowly based…the largest capitalized growth issues that are the favorites of ETFs and technology based trading.

If Donald Trump is elected, will I be writing in one that yesterday’s advance was the finale of the eight year advance of the mega capitalized issues?  Again quoting BlackRock’s Fink “The markets are no longer being bought for fundamental value but only bought on an indiscriminate basis valuing size over all other parameters.”

Last night the foreign markets were mixed.  London was up 0.08%, Paris down 0.11%, and Frankfurt down 0.15%.  China was up 0.46%, Japan down 0.03%,  and Hang Sang 0.47%.

The Dow should open nominally lower on election jitters.  The 10-year is flat 1.82%.

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