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A balanced approach to investing; a balanced approach to life

It’s not just a tagline; it’s the cornerstone of the Capitol Securities culture. Over the past few decades, many in our industry witnessed the erosion of many a corporate culture as regional and boutique firms merged with industry giants and chased after unprecedented growth.

Capitol Securities Management was founded with the belief that culture defines a business. Getting it right is what gives us a competitive edge and a strong foundation for responsible business growth.


There are two families that matter most—yours and ours. Our company benefits are designed to help you balance your work and your life so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We create workplace conditions that help you maximize your potential. We look for ways to “yes” rather than “no”, with the aim to support your community works, your business development efforts, and your continued training and education.

We maintain an “open-door policy” for both our customers and our employees. Every member of our management team welcomes your phone calls, emails, ideas, suggestions and feedback. We view everyone at Capitol Securities as a hands-on contributor who should feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. We’re here to guide, support and encourage you; that’s what family does. And, when we refer to the Capitol Securities Management team as a family, we mean it.


We exist to serve our clients. The recommendations we make to them should be the recommendations we would make when managing our own portfolio or that of a loved one, without regard to our own short-term interests or gain. By evaluating our business decisions from the perspective of how it will benefit our clients, we earn their trust and respect, which is the foundation on which our success is built.

Feeling valued, trusted and respected isn’t just for clients—it’s how every member of our team should feel in the workplace. That’s why we have a “no egos” policy. No matter how talented or accomplished they may be, we simply refuse to hire or tolerate pomposity and pretentiousness or workplace politicians and prima donnas.  We believe that being kind, helpful and generous are not in conflict with achieving high professional standards.


Markets may fluctuate, but strong values should be steadfast. We value honesty, authenticity, candor, open-mindedness, tolerance, hard work, dedication and accountability.


We believe that the best results are produced by people who don’t have to be told what to do. Although we don’t push a corporate agenda, we do encourage all our employees to embrace our values, engage with the business, and set personal goals that will inspire them to proactively drive the business forward and generate success.

We offer our employees an extraordinary degree of independence. In return, we ask for responsibility and accountability. Every employee in our firm bears personal responsibility for the company’s success; we are all working together to achieve the company’s goals. So, in we support each other in the interests of the company with mutual trust, respect, and accountability.


Our aim is to deliver outstanding service to our clients with a thoughtful, balanced approach. Because we expect a high performance culture, we compensate at the top of the market. Because we believe in open communication, senior management publishes their direct phone numbers on our website. Because we are striving to build an elite community without arrogance, we spend one-on-one time with prospective employees to determine if there is a cultural fit. It is our goal that anyone who interacts with our firm will “feel” our company culture via our daily operating principles, our employee’s words and their actions, and, above all, their enthusiasm for Capitol Securities Management.