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The right resources. The right attitude. The right people.

At Capitol Securities Management, we are committed to providing our people with an enriching and rewarding environment. We have the resources of a big firm, with the accessibility and support of a regional one, to best serve our financial advisors, and ultimately, our customers.


Why have financial advisors left some of the country’s biggest wealth management firms to join Capitol Securities? Not just because of what we offer, but because of the things we don’t have:

  • No Egos: Our executive management team personally interviews and hires people with positive attitudes, strong integrity, and a healthy respect for teamwork.
  • No Red Tape: We don’t believe in labyrinth decision-making, distancing hierarchies, and complex political webs. At Capitol Securities, you have direct access to everyone in the firm.
  • No Discount Sharing: All of our channels are free of discount sharing policies.
  • No Product-Specific Payouts: All payouts are product neutral; we don’t have proprietary products.
  • No Haircuts on Products:  No way.  No how.


But don’t take our word for it, meet some of our financial advisors and read what they have to say about our culture. Here are just a few excerpts highlighting what we offer:

  • Support: “Just yesterday, I had a half-hour phone call with the President and the COO—they responded five minutes after I made a request.”“The President and COO took my biggest account holder to lunch when I was considering joining Capitol Securities—and I didn’t even have to ask!”
  • Simplicity: “Capitol Securities Management has a simple 2-page payout pamphlet—what a contrast to the thick, complex compensation guides my previous employers had.”
  • Freedom: “The firm I used to work for asked me to discontinue my weekly radio show, which had been my best lead generation tools for years. Capitol Securities didn’t just allow me to continue with the show, they offered to help subsidize it!”“I’m a single father of three, and I have the freedom to manage my work in a way that supports my family’s schedule.”
  • Respect: “We talk directly to middle and back office employees who treat us well and respect our role as the architects of our clients’ financial futures.”
  • A “Yes” Culture: “Several times we’ve presented new ideas to Senior Management. Instead of the knee-jerk ‘No’ that is so common in other firms, the corporate office looks for ways to say ‘Yes,’ creating wins for everyone—our team, our clients, and Capitol Securities Management.”


Choose our Traditional Advantage Program, where you enjoy all of the benefits of a full-service employee relationship within our firm’s unique, supportive culture.

Or, opt for our Independent Advantage Program, where you establish a true, independent affiliation backed by industry standard payouts and ticket charges, reduced compliance and administration charges, and stock options that allow you to participate in the success of Capitol Securities Management: