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A balanced approached to life’s biggest goals.

Helping Clients with Proactive Planning and Professional Advice.

Capitol Securities’ motto: “A Balanced Approach to Investing; A Balanced Approach to Life” acknowledges the real reason for sound financial management. A healthy portfolio is the means to an end—be it a vacation home, a world cruise, a comfortable retirement, or a meaningful legacy for our children.

Our financial advisors have years of experience working with families like yours. By getting to know you and understanding the unique aspects of your family’s situation, they can help you create a plan for your future that includes the proper protections and asset allocations. Here are just a few examples of how Capitol Securities can help clients with customized proactive financial planning:


Amy and Justin have been saving since they were married 35 years ago. Their lucrative careers enabled them to build a very comfortable lifestyle. Justin has always dreamed of sailing around the world during their retirement, but Amy has concerns about their children’s inheritance. A financial advisor can develop a plan that stretches their savings and diversifies their resources, allowing the couple to travel the Seven Seas, while keeping the right amount of money docked safely back home.


A pharmaceutical company executive, Brad loves first-class travel, fine dining and vintage wines. He’s helping to lead his company toward an IPO and to celebrate he plans on buying a coveted property closer to corporate headquarters. Up until now, Brad’s done a great job of managing his own finances, but now, he needs the added benefits of partnering with an experienced investment professional. His financial advisor can help him create a sound strategy to ensure that his assets are working as hard he does to create a future that’s just as bright as his present.


Lee, 42, works long hours at the local hospital. His wife, Rita, returned to the workforce after their two children went to private, out-of-state colleges. On top of the stress of providing for their kids, Lee’s aging mother is in need of additional care. With the looming expense of assisted living for Lee’s mom, saving for his own retirement seems like a long-lost dream. With a financial advisor’s guidance, Lee and Rita can explore their options for meeting everyone’s needs, including their own.


Sandra spent years as an elementary school art teacher, inspiring the next generation of artists. Now that she’s retired, she’s excited about working on her own paintings again. Her time as a public servant equipped her with a good, sound retirement plan, but Sandra wants to make sure she has enough to pay for art supplies, too! A financial planner can help Sandra paint a picture for her future, managing her portfolio in a way that will keep her worries at bay and let her creativity flourish.


Juliet’s beachside bookstore is all she’s ever wanted. After losing her husband and moving permanently to the beach, being the proprietor of a small shop seemed like the perfect second career for her ‘golden years’. But the hidden costs of business ownership are threatening to erode her retirement savings. A financial advisor can help Juliet assess her situation and plan for a future where the lights stay on, and no one has to read in the dark.


At 28, Jeremy is finally hitting his stride. The entry-level software development job he landed after college has blossomed into bigger and better opportunities, and he’s just started a new position with a company that offers great benefits. Dad insists that he start saving for retirement – he’ll regret it later if he doesn’t contribute the maximum to his company’s 401K- but after the lean years of his early twenties, Jeremy wants to enjoy his new financial freedom. He’s a ‘foodie,’ eager to explore the hip restaurants and night life scene in the downtown area. With the guidance of a financial advisor, Jeremy can start saving for his later years, while still enjoying his tasty new lifestyle.


Daniel has raised his three girls for a decade now, juggling both parent roles on his own. His job as a cardiology tech has kept them all happy and fed, though things were occasionally a little tight. His eldest daughter was able to go to college on a softball scholarship, but he’s worried about saving enough to send his younger girls to school. With his own retirement looming, a financial advisor can help Daniel structure a plan that keeps “all of the bases loaded”.

Maybe you’re a single professional just beginning to invest in your future; a married couple in the sandwich generation; seasoned professionals nearing retirement; or a successful entrepreneur looking to pass your wealth on to the next generation. No matter your situation, Capitol Securities Management is ready assist with a balanced approach to achieving your life goals.