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Comprehensive, customized financial planning

No matter your life stage, once a Capitol Securities Management financial advisor has an understanding of your financial goals, we provide the tools and resources to help achieve them. Because Capitol Securities has no banking arm and no proprietary products to push, our financial advisors have the freedom to recommend the products and services best suited to your individual needs. Whether you require college planning, estate planning or trust administration planning, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Our core products and services include:


Capitol Securities financial advisors can create custom investment strategies and asset allocation solutions with exposure to both traditional and alternative investments for portfolio diversification. Given the dynamic nature of the financial markets, we also make strategic adjustments when necessary to help keep your portfolio headed in the right direction. Our broad range of investment products includes, but is not limited to:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Investment Advisory
  • 529 Plans
  • Roth IRA
  • Simple IRA
  • Treasury Bills
  • Traditional IRA
  • Treasury Notes
  • Variable Annuity


A Capitol Securities financial advisor can help you protect your family and your wealth with a range of financial risk management and insurance solutions. He or she will assist you in navigating the complexities of myriad insurance plans with the goal of protecting you and your beneficiaries against unexpected events. Our core insurance products include:

  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Annuity Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance


With our philosophy of “A Balanced Approach to Investing; A Balanced Approach to Life”, we recognize your desire for a retirement plan that helps you maintain and enjoy the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. By assessing your current situation and understanding your specific goals, our financial advisors can project your future income needs and develop strategies that support them. Furthermore, as you look to transfer your wealth to future generations, our financial advisors can work closely with you and your outside professional advisors to ensure that your long-term financial plan supports your legacy. Our investment platforms and services include:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Tax Plans
  • 401 (k) Plans
  • 403 (b) Plans
  • College Plans
  • Trust and Estate Plans
  • Money Management
  • Money Purchasing Plans
  • Profit Sharing Plans


High-net worth individuals and families typically have unique and complex needs that go beyond standard investment products and solutions. If you’re looking for a comprehensive wealth management plan, or expertise in the areas of corporate finance and investment banking, we have the capabilities and the reach to provide you with optimum support. Our core wealth management services include:

  • Trust Services
  • Succession Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Money Market Funds
  • Money Purchasing Plans
  • Employee Option Exercising
  • Restricted Stock Strategies
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Fee-based Financial Management