How We’re Different

Our most valuable asset is you.

In a world where the agendas of shareholders trump the goals of clients and advisors, Capitol Securities Management stands out. More and more financial advisors and their clients want to be part of our family, primarily because we have our priorities right: We put advisors and clients first. Below is our thoughtful approach to bringing that claim to life.

The right size.

The financial planning industry has its share of extremes, from individual independents and impersonal giants. Capitol Securities Management is a welcome balance of a true regional firm’s client-focused service combined with big-firm products and protection. Our advisors like to call Capitol Securities “the best of both worlds.”

The Right Platform.

We offer the myriad of products and services that the big firms do, all backed by Raymond James Financial, Inc. The difference is that our advisors are the ones who make decisions that best suit their clients. We have no banking division, and no proprietary products to push. None.

The right perspective.

We recognize our clients’ loyalty to our advisors, rather than to the company per se. That makes our mission simple: to support advisors with the freedom and flexibility to serve each client’s very best interests.

The right access.

Capitol Securities Management advisors enjoy direct access to executive management. Any time. We put our ringtones where our mouths are — our financial advisors have access to the cell phone numbers of our CEO and other top management.

Right for you?

If you’re a financial advisor, and you think you would be a good fit at Capitol Securities Management, we encourage you to learn more. If you’re already a client of a Capitol Securities advisor or a client thinking of following your financial advisor to Capitol Securities Management, welcome. You can learn more about us here.