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There is More Than One Ceiling

The debt ceiling is dominating today’s headlines.  House Speak McCarthy has gone on record saying that the limit on the government’s borrowing must be raised this week to avert a

Mixed Messages?

Equites were again mixed as all were parsing comments about the prospects of a debt deal and latest Fed speak.

How Do We Interpret The Headlines?

The headlines about the market’s reaction to the debt ceiling debate are conflicting.  RBC writes “markets are betting on a rocky end to the debt ceiling debate roiling Washington, but if they are

Another Relatively Quiet Day

Equity markets are sanguine about a potential default, believing an eleventh-hour compromise will be made after both sides of the political aisle have attempted to appease their

A Very Fluid Environment

What will happen this week?  At the end of last week, equities slipped while bond yields climbed after a reading of long-term inflation expectations rose unexpectedly and a